Du Mu: From Xuanzhou, Go to a Government Position

From Xuanzhou, Go to a Government Position, On the Capital Highway Meet Judge Pei Tan On His Way Back to Xuanzhou, Now I Send This As a Gift

自 宣 州 赴 官 人 京 路 逢 裴 坦 判 官 宣 州 因 题 赠
敬 亭 山 下 百 顷 竹
中 有 诗 人 小 谢 城。
成 膏 跨 楼 满 金 碧
下 听 一 溪 寒 水 声。
梅 花 落 径 香 缭 绕
雪 白 玉 珰 花 下 行。
萦 风 酒 旆 挂 朱 阁
半 醉 游 人 闻 弄 笙。
我 初 到 此 未 三 十
头 脑 衫 利 筋 骨 轻。
画 堂 檀 板 秋 拍 碎
一 引 有 时 联 十 觥。
老 闲 腰 下 丈 二 组
尘 土 高 悬 千 载 名。
重 游 鬓 白 事 皆 改
唯 见 东 流 春 水 平。
对 酒 不 敢 起
逢 君 还 眼 明。
云 罍 看 人 捧
波 脸 任 他 横。
一 醉 六 十 日
古 来 闻 阮 生。
是 非 离 别 际
始 见 醉 中 情。
今 日 送 君 话 前 事
高 歌 引 剑 还 一 倾。
江 湖 酒 伴 如 相 问
终 老 烟 波 不 计 程。
Zi Huan Zhou Fu Guan Ren Jing Lu Feng Pei Tan Pan
Guan Gui Xuan Zhou Yin Ti Zeng

Jing ting shan xia bai qing zhu
Zhong you shi ren xiao xie cheng
Cheng gao kua lou man jin bi
Xia ting yi xi han shui sheng.

Mei hua luo jing xiang liao rao
Xue bai yu dang hua xia hang.
Ying feng jiu pei gua zhu ge
Ban zui you ren wen nong sheng.

Wo chu dao ci wei san shi
Tou nao shan li jin gu qing
Hua tang tan ban qiu pai sui
Yi yin you shi lian shi gong.

Lao xian yao xia zhang er zu
Chen tu gao xuan qian zai ming.
Chong you bin bai shi jie gai
Wei jian dong liu chun shui ping.

Dui jiu bu gan qi
Feng jun huan yan ming.
Yun lei kan ren peng
Bo lian ren ta heng.

Yi zui liu shi ri
Gu lai wen ruan sheng
Shi fei li bie ji
Shi jian zui zhong qing.

Jin ri song jun hua qian shi
Gao ge yin jian huan yi qing
Jiang hu jiu ban ru xiang wen
Zhong lao yan bo bu ji cheng.


From Xuanzhou, Go to a Government Position, On the Capital Highway Meet Judge Pei Tan On His Way Back to Xuanzhou, Now I Send This As a Gift

Jing mountain pavilion, below are one hundred mu (16.5 acres) of bamboo
In the middle between city walls, poets meet at a lovely village.
Beyond tall city towers filled with gold and bluish-green colors
Below hear one small stream and cold water sounds.

Curled up plum blossoms have fallen down on the fragrant footpaths
Snow white jade earrings walk around the fallen flowers.
Encircling winds move suspended wine pennants by the red pavilions
Half drunk, travelers listen to them play their shengs.

I began to travel here before I was thirty years old
My mind was sharp, my muscles and bones strong.
Painted concert hall, drumsticks pounded into pieces
Had time to combine writing and ten bronze wine vessels.

Now old and idle, with only two government stripes
After entering the ground, hope to be famous for one thousand years.
Travel here again with white hair, everything has changed
Only see level spring rivers flowing to the east.

Not certain we would ever share wine again
Meeting you now and seeing things more clearly.
We hold hands near stacks of emptied wine casks
From east to west, waves of good feelings flow.

Like living a sixty day drunkfest
Since time immemorial hear the ruan melodies emerge.
Time to let bygones be bygones
Amid drunk emotions, begin to see the undisclosed.

Today I send you off, share conversations before our government tasks
Go back to make one more try to wield a sword and sing with a booming voice.
If some old friends ask about me, tell them I drink wine with the
rivers and lakes
Eventually sometime in the future I will journey into seclusion.



Xuanzhou: Located west of Hangzhou and Suzhou, in Anhui Province.

Mt. Jing:  Chain of mountains in western Hubei Province.

Sheng:  Mouth-blown reed musical instrument of vertical pipes that dates back to 1100 BC.

Two government stripes: Du Mu’s rank in the imperial bureaucracy.

Ruan:  A stringed musical instrument like a lute, but with a fretted neck.

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