Du Mu: Heavy Rains Arrive

Heavy Rains Arrive

大 雨 行
东 垠 黑 风 驾 海 水
海 底 卷 上 天 中 央。
三 吴 六 月 忽 凄 惨
晚 后 点 滴 来 苍 茫。
铮 栈 雷 车 轴 辙 壮
轿 躩 蛟 龙 爪 尾 长。
禅 鞭 鬼 驭 载 阴 蒂。
来 往 喷 酒 何 颠 狂。
四 面 崩 腾 玉 京 仗
万 里 横 牙 羽 林 抢。
云 缠 风 束 乱 敲 磕
黄 帝 未 胜 蚩 尤 强。
百 川 气 势 苦 豪 俊
坤 关 密 锁 愁 开 张。
大 和 六 年 亦 如 此
我 时 壮 气 禅 洋 洋。
东 楼 耸 首 看 不 足
恨 无 羽 翼 高 飞 翔。
尽 召 邑 中 豪 健 者
阔 展 朱 盘 开 酒 场。
奔 觥 槌 豉 助 声 势
眼 底 不 顾 纤 腰 娘。
今 年 阘 茸 鬓 已 白
奇 游 壮 观 唯 深 藏。
景 物 不 尽 人 自 老
谁 知 前 事 堪 悲 伤。


Da Yu Xing

Dong yin hei feng jia hai shui
Hai di juan shang wu zhong yang.
San wu liu yue hu qi can
Wan hou dian di lai cang mang.

Zheng zhan lei che zhou zhe zhuang
Jiao jue jiao long zhao wei chang.
Chan bian gui yu zai yin di
Lai wang pen jiu he dian kuang.

Si mian beng teng yu jing zhang
Wan li heng ya yu lin qiang.
Yun chan feng shu luan qiao ke
Huang di wei sheng chi you jiang.

Bai chuan qi shi ku hao jun
Kun guan mi suo chou kai zhang.
Da he liu nian yi ru ci
Wo shi zhuang qi chan yang yang.

Dong lou song shou kan bu zu
Hen wu yu yi gao fei xiang.
Jin zhao yi zhong hao jian zhe
Kuo zhan zhu pan kai jiu chang.

Ben gong chui chi zhu sheng shi
Yan di bu gu xian yao niang.
Jin nian ta rong bin yi bai
Qi you zhuang guan wei shen zang.
Jing wu bu jin ren zi lao
Shei zhi qian shi kan bei shang.


Heavy Rains Arrive

From eastern boundaries, dark winds sail in off the ocean water
End of the sky, moisture carried along from the ocean’s bottom.
Three Wu cities in June, torrential downpours threaten
Late evening, boundless drops arrive.

Dazzling folds of thunder after lightning bolts the size of carriage axles
Burnt dragon claws and a long tail leaps and jumps.
Yindi commands the spirit-pulled chariot with a magical whip
How beyond crazy, she returns again and again.

From all four sides, the celestial beings gather
East to west for thousands of miles, falling imperial guard spears.
Entangled clouds, winds chaotic and beating against many things
Emperor not successful against their magic.

One hundred rivers suffer being too rich and powerful
Merchants have to close up to protect their wares.
They say this weather has happened once before
Now our country is spiritual, rich and strong.

Lofty top of the eastern tower is the place to watch
Resent not having the feathered wings to fly and soar in the air.
Early on, our dynasty attracted the robust and powerful people into the capital
The wealthy displayed pearled plates and lots of wine.

Bronze horns and pounding drums make the sounds of power
Do not watch the visiting, tiny-waisted women.
This year my power dulled with temple hair already white
This traveler should stay and observe what is deep inside.
Lucky to age naturally here amidst this scenery
Who knows of my previous existence, having to endure sorrow and melancholy.



Wu cities:  Nation of Wu flourished during the Western Zhou Dynasty from the eleventh century to 473 BC.

Yindi: Celestial goddess



This poem describes very well the experience of a witnessing a typhoon that blows west off of the Pacific Ocean in late summer China.

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