Han Yu: Listen to Master Ying

Listen to Master Ying

听 颖 师 弹 琴
昵 昵 儿 女 语
思 怨 相 尔 汝。
划 燃 变 轩 昂
勇 士 赴 敌 场。
浮 云 柳 絮 无 根 蒂
天 地 阔 远 随 飞 扬。
喧 啾 百 鸟 群
忽 见 孤 凤 凰。
跻 攀 分 寸 不 可 上
失 势 一 落 千 丈 强。
嗟 余 有 两 耳
为 省 听 丝 篁。
自 闻 颖 师 弹
起 坐 在 一 旁。
推 手 遽 止 之
湿 衣 泪 滂 滂。
颖 乎 尔 诚 能
无 以 冰 炭 置 我 肠。


Ting Ying Shi Tan Qin

Ni ni er nu yu
Si yuan xiang er ru.
Hua ran bian xuan ang
Yong shi fu di chang.

Fu yun liu xu wu gen di
Tian di kuo yuan sui fei yang.
Xuan jiu bai niao qun
Hu jian gu feng huang.

Ji pan fen cun bu ke shang
Shi shi yi luo qian zhang qiang.
Jie yu you liang er
Wei sheng ting si huang.

Zi wen ying shi tan
Qi zuo zai yi pang.
Tui shou ju zhi zhi
Shi yi lei pang pang.
Ying hu er cheng neng
Wu yi bing tan zhi wo chang.


Listen to Master Ying Play His Qin

Very fond of young people’s words
Expressing kindness intimately to each other.
Suddenly the music turns dignified and imposing
The power and strength of enemies on the battle front.

Floating clouds of willow tree pods flying without restraints
Vast universe, soaring upward in the distance.
Noisily chirping birds in one hundred member flocks
Suddenly see a solitary male and female phoenix pair.

His notes can cling to the highest possible range
Losing height, they fall down to the depths of one thousand male voices.
Lament I only have two ears
Beyond my ability to hear his silks and bamboo.

Naturally hear Master Ying’s musical prowess
Arose and sat right next to his side.
Exhausted, put up my hand to ask him to pause
Moist clothes from overflowing tears.
Alas! He plays so sincerely
Without effort, his music heats up my insides.



Qin:  Ancient stringed musical instrument.

Silks and bamboo: Stringed and various flute musical instruments.

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