Han Yu: Pheasant Full of Arrows

Pheasant Full of Arrows

雉 带 箭
原 头 火 烧 静 兀 兀
野 雉 畏 鹰 出 复 没。
将 军 欲 以 巧 伏 人
盘 马 弯 弓 惜 不 发。
地 形 渐 窄 观 者 多
雉 惊 弓 满 劲 箭 加。
冲 人 决 起 百 余 尺
红 翎 白 镞 随 倾 斜。
将 军 仰 笑 军 吏 贺
五 色 离 披 马 前 堕。
Zhi Dai Jian

Yuan tou huo shao jing wu wu
Ye zhi wei ying chu fu mei.
Jiang jun yu yi qiao fu ren
Pan ma wan gong xi bu fa.

Di xing jian zhai guan zhe duo
Zhi jing gong man jin jian jia.
Chong ren jue qi bai yu chi
Hong ling bai zu sui qing xie.
Jiang jun yang xiao jun li he
Wu se li pi ma qian duo.


Pheasant Full of Arrows

First set brushfires, then be very calm and still while waiting
Open country pheasants emerge from hiding, fear the hawks overhead.
Army generals want these skills for people in hiding
Holding his horse, he waits with a fully flexed bow.

The terrain narrows, slowly the lines of people close in
Alarmed pheasants take off, his armed bow pulled to the max.
Higher than one hundred feet, the bird still in flight
Losing altitude, white blood-stained feathers.
Army general smiles and laughs, junior officers celebrate
Multicolored feathers spread out in front of the general’s horse.

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