Han Yu: Send As a Gift to Jia Dao

Send As a Gift to Jia Dao

赠 贾 岛
孟 郊 死 葬 北 邙 山
从 此 风 云 得 暂 闲。
天 恐 文 章 浑 断 绝
更 生 贾 岛 著 人 间。
Zeng Jia Dao

Meng jiao si zang bei (wang) shan
Cong ci feng yun de zan xian.                                                                                             Tian kong wen zhang hun duan jue
Geng sheng gu dao zhu ren jian.


Send As a Gift to Jia Dao

Meng Jiao died and was buried to the north near Mt. Mang
Soon after he died, his writing style elevated the forms of leisure.

Heaven became fearful and desperate, his writing may be gone forever
With Jia Dao passing, very few poets can carry forward these styles.



Jia Dao: (779-843 AD)  Tang dynasty poet and sometimes Buddhist monk was one of Han Yu’s followers and member of his literary circle.

Meng Jiao: (751-814 AD)  Tang Dynasty poet and also part of Hu Yu’s literary circle. Han Yu wrote a famous epitaph for him.

Mt. Mang: May refer to the district of Zhengzhou in the province of Henan.

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