Wang Wei Poem: In the Hills – 王维《山中》








[1] 荆溪:长水,源出蓝田县。《水经注·渭水》:“长水出自杜县白鹿原,西北流,谓之荆溪。”

[2] 红叶:枫、槭一类的树叶,秋季经霜之后逐渐由绿变红。

[3] 元:原来,本来。

[4] 空翠:弥漫在空间的浓翠欲滴的山色。谢灵运《过白岸亭》:“空翠难强名,渔钓易为曲。”杜甫《大历三年春白帝城放船出瞿塘峡》:“石苔凌几杖,空翠扑肌肤。”

In the Hills

Wang Wei

White pebbles hear a blue stream glide;

Red leaves are strewn on cold hillside.

Along the path no rain is seen,

My gown is moist with drizzling green.

This is a colorful picture of the hills: white pebbles, blue stream, red leaves and the drizzling green which can not only be seen but also heard and felt.


In the Mountains” is a poem written by Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. The poem depicts the scenery of the mountains in late autumn and early winter, consisting of a stream full of white rocks, bright red leaves and boundless greenery, with bright and vivid colors, rich in poetic sentiment and without the mood of depression and desolation, expressing the poet’s sadness and homesickness. The whole poem is dreamy and dreamy, written in a general way to achieve a novel and unique effect, with a fresh and bright poetic style.

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