Li Qingzhao: Flower Seller

Flower Seller

减 字 木 兰 花
卖 花 担 上
买 得 一 枝 春 欲 放。
泪 染 轻 匀
犹 带 彤 霞 露 痕。
怕 郎 猜 道
奴 面 不 花 面 好。
云 鬓 斜 簪
徒 要 教 郎 比 并 看。
Jian Zi Mu Lan Hua

Mai hua dan shang
Mai dei yi zhi chun yu fang.
Lei ran qing yun
You dai tong xia lu hen.

Pa lang cai dao
Nu mian bu ru hua mian hao.
Yun bin xie zan
Tu yao jiao lang bi bing kan.

Flower Seller:
(Fewer Words For the Orchid Flowers)

Flower seller with flowers on his shoulder pole
Buy one spring blossom about ready to open.
Light dew gives and receives water stains
Traces like a band of the rosy clouds at dawn.

Afraid my husband may suspect
My face not as pretty as the flower.
Mounted it, slanting and held by a hairpin
Compels him to judge the side-by-side beauties.

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