Li Qingzhao: The Time When Rain and Wind Are Together

The Time When Rain and Wind Are Together

丑 奴 儿
晚 来 一 阵 风 兼 雨
洗 尽 炎 光。
理 罢 笙 簧
却 对 菱 花 淡 淡 妆。
绛 绡 缕 薄 冰 肌 莹
雪 腻 酥 香。
笑 语 檩 郎
今 夜 纱 橱 枕 簟 凉。
Chou Nu Er

Wan lai yi zhen feng jian yu
Xi jin yan guang.
Li ba sheng huang
Que dui ling hua dan dan zhuang.

Jiang xiao lu bao bing ji ying
Xue ni su xiang.
Xiao yu lin lang
Jin ye sha chu zhen dian liang.


The Time When Rain and Wind Are Together:
(The Ugly Lady)

Evening arrives, the time when rain and wind are together
To bathe away the powerful heat.
We take turns expressing ourselves with our reed instruments
In front of the mirror, want to reapply more make-up and continue on.

Change into thin and transparent silk clothes
Snowy skin the fragrance of butter.
Smile with flattering words for my husband
Tonight we rest behind the gauze curtain on cool pillows and bamboo mats.

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