Li Qingzhao: Small Courtyard Leisure

Small Courtyard Leisure

浣 溪 沙
小 院 闲 窗 春 色 深
重 帘 未 卷 影 浣 浣。
倚 楼 无 语 理 瑶 琴
远 岫 出 云 催 薄 暮。
细 风 吹 雨 弄 轻 阴
梨 花 欲 谢 恐 难 禁。
Huan Xi Sha

Xiao yuan xian chuang chun se shen
Zhong lian wei juan ying huan huan.

Yi lou wu yu li yao qin
Yuan xiu chu yun cui bao mu.

Xi feng chui yu nong qing yin
Li hua yu xie kong nan jin.


Small Courtyard Leisure:
(Huan Xi Sha: Washing Small Stream Sand)

Small courtyard leisure, through the window, rich spring colors
Layers of curtains not yet scrolled, sad shadows within.

Stay inside without words, play difficult and esoteric qin music
Distant mountains emerge from the clouds, hasten a remaining sunset.

Gentle winds blow, rain plays with soft shadows
Pear blossoms expect to wither, fear for enduring difficulties.



Qin music: The qin is an ancient Chinese stringed instrument.

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