Li Yu: Fragrant Bluish-Green Grasses: (Imperial Terraces in Spring)

Fragrant and Bluish-Green Grasses: (Imperial Terraces in Spring)



芳 草 碧 色: 帝 台 春
芳 草 碧 色
萋 萋 遍 南 陌。
飞 絮 乱 红
也 似 知 人
春 愁 无 力。
忆 得 盈 盈 拾 翠 侣
共 携 赏,凤 城 寒 食。
到 今 来,海 角 逢 春
天 涯 行 客。
愁 旋 释,还 似 织。
泪 暗 拭,又 偷 滴。
漫 伫 立,倚 遍 危 栏
尽 黄 昏,也 正 是
暮 云 凝 碧。
拼 则 而 今 已 拼 了
忘 则 怎 生 便 忘 得。
又 还 问 鳞 鸿
试 重 寻 消 息。
Fang Cao Bi Se: (Di Tai Chun)

Fang cao bi se
Qi qi bian nan mo.
Fei xu luan hong
Ye si zhi ren
Chun chou wu li.

Yi de ying ying shi cui lu
Gong xie shang, feng cheng han shi
Dao jin lai, hai jue feng chun
Tian ya xing ke.

Chou xuan shi, huan si zhi.
Lei an shi, you tou di.
Man zhu li, yi bian wei lan
Jin huang hun, ye zheng shi
Mu yun ning bi.

Pin ze er jin yi pin liao
Wang ze zen sheng bian wang de.
You huan wen lin hong
Shi chong xun xiao xi.


Fragrant and Bluish-Green Grasses: (Imperial Terraces in Spring)

Fragrant bluish-green grasses
Lush and luxuriant throughout the southern footpaths between the fields.
Red petals flying chaotically like willow tree seeds on the wind
They understand my situation
Spring melancholy leaves me without energy.
Recall her enchanting, small ascending steps with many others

Enjoy holding hands, the capital aristocracy during the Cold Food Days.
Spring arrives today, now in an exiled corner
This visitor under a sky without limits.
Let go the cycles of sorrow, but the loose threads come back again
Wipe away flowing tears, try to hide all the drops

They overflow while I stand here for a long time, leaning upon the railings.
Yellow dusk dominates the scenery
Sunset clouds stuck together
By now I have pieced together all that I could
Need to forget what had so easily emerged.

But still ask the fish and swans
Try again to make contact with my old friends.



Imperial terrace: Refers to the Music Academy in the capital city of Chang’an during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong.

Cold Food Days: Celebrated the day before Qing Ming it is a time to honor and show veneration for one’s ancestors. Based upon a Jin Dynasty nobleman, Jie Zhitui from the seventh century BC.

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