Li Yu: Winds Crush the Light Clouds: ( Washing Small Stream Sand)

Winds Crush the Light Clouds: (Washing Small Stream Sand)

风 压 轻 云: 浣 溪 沙
风 压 轻 云 贴 水 飞
乍 晴 池 馆 燕 争 泥。
沈 郎 多 病 不 胜 衣。
沙 上 未 闻 鸿 雁 信
竹 闻 时 听 鹧 鸪 啼。
此 情 唯 有 落 花 知。
Feng Ya Qing Yun: (Huan Xi Sha)

Feng ya qing yun tie shui fei
Zha qing chi guan yan zheng ni.
Shen lang duo bing bu sheng yi.

Sha shang wei wen hong yan xin
Zhu jian shi ting zhe gu ti.
Ci qing wei you luo hua zhi.


Winds Crush the Light Clouds: (Washing Small Stream Sand)

Winds crush the light clouds, clinging to the flying water
At first sunlight, pond swallows compete for the repairing mud.
Maybe her man outside with many illnesses and unsuccessful colors.

Above the sand have yet to ask the geese where his letters are
Hear the partridges sigh while among the seasonal bamboo.
Only fallen flowers know of my emotions.


Unsuccessful colors:  Each level within the governmental bureaucracy wore an identifying color of hat and clothes.

Geese:  These migrating birds were referred to when people far away from each other had to communicate with letters.

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