Meng Haoran: Visit With Officials Pei and Yuan

Visit With Officials Pei and Yuan

裴 司 士 员 司 户 见 寻
府 僚 能 枉 驾
家 醖 复 新 开。
落 日 池 上 酌
清 风 松 下 来。
厨 人 具 鸡 黍
稚 子 摘 杨 梅。
谁 道 山 公 醉
犹 能 骑 马 回。
Pei Si Shi Yuan Si Hu Jian Xun

Fu liao neng wang jia
Jia yun fu xin kai.
Luo ri chi shang zhuo
Qing feng song xia lai.

Chu ren ju ji shu
Zhi zi zhai yang mei.
Shei dao shan gong zui
You neng qi ma hui.


Visit With Government Officials Pei and Yuan

These government officials come to see one so low as me
Open the fresh, summer, homemade wine.
Sunset upon the pond, pouring wine
Clear and cool breezes through the pine trees.

Cooks have a fresh chicken and some millet
Young boy picks yangmei.
Who can leave on the mountain roads while drunk
They assure me that they can still ride their horses home.



Yangmei: Red bayberries

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