Ouyang Xiu: Calm Wind and Waves: Poem No. 5

Calm Wind and Waves: Poem No. 5

定 风 波
过 尽 韶 华 不 可 添。
小 楼 红 日 下 层 檐。
春 睡 觉 来 情 绪 恶。
寂 寞。
杨 花 缭 乱 拂 珠 帘。
早 是 闲 愁 依 旧 在。
无 奈。
那 堪 更 被 宿 酲 兼。
把 酒 送 春 惆 怅 甚。
长 恁。
年 年 三 月 病 厌 厌。
Ding Feng Bo


Guo jin shao hua bu ke tian.
Xiao lou hong ri xia ceng yan.
Chun shui jue lai qing xu wu.
Ji mo.
Yang hua liao luan fu zhu lian.

Zao shi xian chou yi jiu zai.
Wu nai.
Na kan geng bei su cheng jian.
Ba jiu song chun chou chang shen.
Chang nen.
Nian nian san yue bing yan yan.


Calm Wind and Waves: Poem No.5

Past the time when the most beautiful flowers cannot increase
Small tower, setting sun under the overlapping eaves
Spring naps, aware of unpleasant feelings and flower petals
Lonely and quiet time.
Poplar flowers in a tangle, touch the pearled curtains

First leisure, then later worry about the past
However without flowers.
Last night passed out drunk twice, quilts and covers tossed over and over
More disappointments and sorrows, hold more wine to send off spring
Happens all the time.
Very tired of every year in March I become this illness.

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