Ouyang Xiu: Calm Wind and Waves: Poem No. 2

Calm Wind and Waves: Poem No. 2

定 风 波
把 酒 花 前 欲 问 伊。
忍 嫌 金 盏 负 春 时。
红 艳 不 能 旬 日 看。
宣 算。
须 知 开 谢 只 相 随。
蝶 去 蝶 来 犹 解 恋。
难 见。
回 斗 还 是 度 年 期。
莫 候 饮 阑 花 已 尽。
方 信。
无 人 甚 与 补 残 枝。
Ding Feng Bo


Ba jiu hua qian yu wen yi.
Ren xian jin zhan fu chun shi.
Hong yan bu neng xun ri kan.
Xuan suan.
Xu zhi kai xie zhi xiang sui.

Die qu die lai you jie lian.
Nan jian.
Hui tou huan shi du nian qi.
Mo hou yin lan hua yi jin.
Fang xin.
Wu ren shen yu bu can zhi.


Calm Wind and Waves: Poem No.2

After holding wine and flowers, she is expected to ask him
During this season of spring, how can you disdain the golden cups of wine.
Bright reds and crimsons not able to last more than ten days
You need to plan for this.
Surely they are known to open up, then follow each other to the earth

Butterflies coming and going know all about love.
Impossible to see each other next spring.
Turn around and the season is gone
Do not postpone drinking, most late flowers have already gone
Cannot put them back.
No people can repair the damage to all of the twigs.

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