Ouyang Xiu: Evening Arrives: (Jade Tower in Spring)

Evening Arrives: (Jade Tower in Spring)

夜 来:玉 楼 春
夜 来 枕 上 争 闲 事。
推 倒 屏 山 褰 绣 被。
尽 人 求 守 不 应 人
走 向 碧 沙 窗 下 睡。
直 到 起 来 由 自 殢。
向 道 夜 来 真 个 醉。
大 家 恶 发 大 家 休
毕 竟 到 头 谁 不 是。
Ye Lai: (Yu Lou Chun)

Ye lai zhen shang zheng xian shi
Tui dao ping shan qian xu bei
Jin ren qiu shou bu ying ren
Zou xiang bi sha chuang xia shui.

Zhi dao qi lai you zi ti.
Xiang dao ye lai zhen ge zui.
Da jia wu fa da jia xiu
Bi jing dao tou shei bu shi.


Evening Arrives: (Jade Tower in Spring)

Evening arrives, minor disagreement next to her pillows
Pushed down the movable screen, throws aside her embroidered quilt.
He begs her to come back and makes a promise
She walks over to sleep on the day bed by the bluish-green gauze windows.

Upon arising she wonders why she is in this location
Perhaps last night she had drunk too much.
We were both to blame, let’s just move on and forget about it
After all, what difference does it make who was right and who was wrong.



With Ci poems, the title comes from the poem’s first line, and the title of the music appears inside the parentheses.

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