Ouyang Xiu: Jiangnan Willow Trees: (Gaze Into the Distance)

Jiangnan Willow Trees: (Gaze Into the Distance)

江 南 柳: 望
江 南 柳 花 柳 两 相 柔。
花 片 落 时 黏 酒 盏
柳 条 低 处 拂 人 头。
各 自 是 风 流。
江 南 月, 如 镜 复 如 钩。
似 镜 不 侵 红 粉 面
似 钩 不 挂 画 帘 头。
长 是 照 离 愁。
Jiang Nan Liu: (Wang)

Jiang nan liu hua liu liang xiang rou.
Hua pian luo shi nian jiu zhan
Liu tiao di chu fu ren tou.
Ge zi shi feng liu.

Jiang nan yue, ru jing fu ru gou.
Si jing bu qin hong fen mian
Si gou bu gua hua lian tou.
Chang shi zhao li chou.


Jiangnan Willow Trees: (Gaze Into the Distance)

Flowers and willow trees both soft and gentle
Season of fallen flowers on to sticky wine cups.
Willow trees twigs come down to touch and land onto people’s heads
Naturally the wind flows from one to the other.

Jiangnan moon, at times like a mirror, other times like a hook
When like a mirror, red powdered faces cannot be seen.
When like a hook, not able to hang up a painted curtain
Can only shine on both you and the sadly departed at the same time.



Jiangnan: Literally means south of the river. The river is the Changjiang (Yangzi River) and the area is around the modern city of Hangzhou.

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