Ouyang Xiu: Proud Fishing Households (No. 5): Fifth Month

Proud Fishing Households (No.5): Fifth Month

玉 楼 春
五 月 榴 花 妖 艳 烘。
绿 杨 带 雨 垂 垂 事。
五 色 新 丝 缠 角 粽。
金 盘 送。
生 绡 画 扇 盘 双 凤。
正 是 浴 兰 时 节 动。
菖 蒲 酒 美 清 尊 共。
叶 里 黄 鹂 时 一 弄。
犹 梦 鬆。
等 闲 惊 破 纱 窗 梦。
Yu Jia Ao


Wu yue liu hua yao yan hong.
Lu yang dai yu chui chui shi.
Wu se xin si chan jue zong.
Jin pan song.
Sheng xiao hua shan pan shuang feng.

Zheng shi yu lan shi jie dong.
Chang pu jiu mei qing zun gong.
Ye lie huang li shi yi nong.
You meng song.
Deng xian jing po sha chuang meng.


Proud Fishing Households: (No. 5) Fifth Month

Warm fifth month, pomegranate blossoms charming and attractive.
Green poplar trees hang heavy with raindrops.
New multicolored silk threads to wrap up zongzi.
Served upon a golden tray.
Raw silk used to embroider a pair of phoenixes.

The right season to bathe with orchid fragrances.
Get drunk together on fine and clear calamus wine.
Amidst the leaves, yellow orioles play about.
Eyelids still inside a dream.
For no reason startled awake, broken gauze window screens and dreams.


Zongzi: Glutinous rice and different fillings, wrapped in bamboo or lotus leaves, and then steamed or boiled. Linked with the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. This day commemorates the death of Qu Yuan.

Calamus wine: Local wine also linked with the Dragon Boat Festival.

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