Ouyang Xiu: Wind Vibrates Small Peach Tree Flowers: (One Large Shuttle)

Wind Vibrates Small Peach Flowers: (One Large Shuttle)

小 桃 风:  一 落 索
小 桃 风 撼 香 红 碎。
满 帘 笼 花 气。
看 花 何 事 去 成 愁
悄 不 会, 春 风 意。
窗 在 悟 桐 叶 底。
更 黄 昏 雨 细。
枕 前 前 事 上 心 来
独 自 个, 怎 生 睡。
Xiao Tao Feng: (Yi Luo Suo)

Xiao tao feng han xiang hong sui.
Man lian long hua qi.
Kan hua he shi qu cheng chou
Qiao bu hui, chun feng yi.

Chuang za wu tong ye di
Geng huang hun yu xi.
Zhen qian qian shi shang xin lai
Du zi ge, zen sheng shui.


Wind Vibrates the Small Peach Flowers: (One Large Shuttle)

Wind vibrates small peach flowers, scattered red fragrances
Full curtains covered with flower aromas.
Seeing flowers, why should these produce anxieties
Spring breeze hints instead, to produce sad loneliness.

At my window, paulownia leaves awaken under the tree
Light rain at the onset of a yellow dusk.
On her pillows, heart-mind occupied with their affairs
Naturally alone, causes her to lose sleep.



Paulownia:  Flowering tree native to most of China, it is very fast growing, and its timber is strong and lightweight.


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