Ouyang Xiu: Working For the Emperor is Dangerous

Working For the Emperor is Dangerous

圣 无 忧
世 路 风 波 险
十 年 一 别 须 臾。
人 生 聚 散 长 如 此
相 见 且 欢 娱。
好 酒 能 消 光 景
春 风 不 染 髭 须。
为 公 一 醉 花 前 倒
红 袖 莫 来 扶。
Sheng Wu You

Shi lu feng bo xian
Shi nian yi bie xu yu.
Ren sheng ju san chang ru ci
Xiang jian qie huan yu.

Hao jiu neng xiao guang jing
Chun feng bu ran zi xu.
Wei gong yi zui hua qian dao
Hong xiu mo lai fu.


Working For the Emperor is Dangerous

From generation to generation the ways to the capital are dangerous with winds and waves
Our one departure ten years ago so far in the past.
Human experience involves meeting people and then having departures and long separations
Joyful and pleasurable getting the chance to see each other.

Our state of affairs dictates fine wine before the moment slips away
Unlike spring winds our moustaches and beards have not escaped change.
Because of our reunion, this drunkfest to enjoy flowers before they fall down
No need of assistance from the red sleeved beauties.

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