Liu Yuxi Poem: Bamboo Branch Songs – 刘禹锡《竹枝词二首》









[1] 道是:说是。

[2] 晴:“情”的同音字,用来暗喻感情的“情”。

[3] 却:一作“还”。

Bamboo Branch Songs

Liu Yuxi


Between the green willows the river flows along;

My gallant in a boat is heard to sing a song.

The west is veiled in rain, the east enjoys sunshine,

My gallant is as deep in love as the day is fine.


Two Poems of “Bamboo Branch Songs” is a group poetry work by Liu Yuxi, a literary scholar of the Tang Dynasty. Among Liu Yuxi’s biographical works, there are eleven bamboo poems in two groups, and these two poems are one of them. The first poem is about the mood of a young girl who is immersed in her first love. She is in love with someone, but she does not yet know the attitude of the other party, so she is both hopeful and doubtful; she is both happy and worried.
The poet succeeds in expressing this subtle and complex psychology in the tone of a young girl. The second poem does not use harmonies to write about implicit love affairs like the first one, but naturally triggers nostalgic thoughts from living in Shu and hearing songs. The style of the poem is bright and lively, with a strong sense of life and distinctive folk characteristics.

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