Wang Wei Poem: Seeing Yuan the Second off to the Northwest Frontier – 王维《送元二使安西》








[1] 元二:生平不详。

[2] 使:出使。

[3] 安西:唐代的安西都护府,治所在今新疆库车县境内。

[4] 渭城:秦代首都咸阳,汉代改为渭城,在今陕西西安市西北、渭水北岸。

[5] 浥(yì):湿润。

[6] 阳关:在今甘肃敦煌县西南,因在玉门关南,故称阳关。

Seeing Yuan the Second off to the Northwest Frontier

Wang Wei

No dust is raised on the road wet with morning rain;

The willows by the hotel look so fresh and green.

I invite you to drink a cup of wine again;

West of the Sunny Pass no more friends will be seen.

This is a most popular farewell song often sung at parting.


The poem “Seeing Yuan the Second off to the Northwest Frontier” is a seven-line poem written by the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei. The first two lines of the poem are about the scenery of the post hall in Weicheng, and describe the time, place and atmosphere of the farewell; the second two lines turn to the sadness of the farewell, but without the word sadness, and only use the cup of wine to express the strong and deep feelings of parting. The poem is written in a clear and natural language, with a blend of scenery and rhythm, and has a strong artistic impact.

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