Bai Juyi Poem: Sunset and Moonrise on the River = 白居易《暮江吟》








[1] 瑟瑟:原指碧色宝石,此处指江面上,残阳照不到之处的情景。因其为碧色,如碧石,故称瑟瑟。

[2] 可怜:可爱。

[3] 真珠:珍珠。

Sunset and Moonrise on the River

Bai Juyi

The departing sunbeams pave a way on the river;

Half of its waves turn red and the other half shiver.

How I love the third night of the ninth moon aglow!

The dewdrops look like pearls, the crescent like a bow.

This quatrain describes the poet’s love of the beautiful river at sunset and at moonrise.


“Sunset and Moonrise on the River” is a poem by Bai Juyi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is a masterpiece of landscape writing. The poet selects two sets of scenes from the sinking of the red sun to the rising of the new moon, and uses novel and clever metaphors to create a harmonious and tranquil mood. The poem’s language is clear and fluent, its tone is fresh, and its descriptions are detailed and true.

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