Wang Wei: Winter Day Travels

Winter Day Travels

冬 日 游 览
步 出 城 东 门
试 骋 千 里 目。
青 出 横 苍 林
赤 日 团 平 陆。
渭 北 走 邯 郸
关 东 出 函 谷。
秦 地 万 方 会
来 朝 九 州 牧。
鸡 鸣 咸 阳 中
冠 盖 相 追 逐。
丞 相 过 列 侯
群 公 饯 光 禄。
相 如 方 老 病
独 归 茂 陵 宿。
Dong Ri You Lan

Bu chu cheng dong men
Shi cheng qian li mu.
Qing shan heng cang lin
Chi ri tuan ping lu.

Wei bei zou han dan
Guan dong chu han gu.
Qin di wan fang hui
Lai zhao jiu zhou mu.

Ji ming xian yang zhong
Guan gai xiang zhui zhu.
Cheng xiang guo lie hou
Qun gong jian guang lu.
Xiang ru fang lao bing
Du gui mao ling su.


Winter Day Travels

Walk out of the city wall’s eastern gate
Take in the expanse of neighborhood after neighborhood.
Go out into green and bluish-green forests from west to east
Round red sun upon the flat horizon.

From the Wei River in the north to Handan
From out of Guangdong through Hangu mountain pass.
From Qin country land, thousands of government workers assemble
Arrive at dawn from numerous cities like nomads.

Chickens gawk, full of life in the middle of it all
Put on a cover, they go and visit each other.
Just senior officials line up to await audience with the Prime Minister
Crowd of workers give a farewell dinner in a large dining room.
Like Xingu who was already aged and ill
Alone, he returned to stay and live in his hometown of Maoling.



Handan: Capital city of the state of Zhao (475-222 BC), located in the northwest of Hebei Province.

Guangdong: Located in northeast China, east of Shanhaiguan Pass.

Qin: Country of Qin (221-206 BC):  during the Zhou Dynasty (897-207 BC), and located west of the states of Chu and Wei.

Put on a cover: High government officials who wear special hats and ride in sedan chairs.

Xingu: A prime minister during the Three Kingdoms period (220-280 AD).

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