Wei Yingwu: Daliang Pavilion, Met Li Qiwu the Fourth

Daliang Pavilion, Met Li Qiwu the Fourth

大 梁 亭 会 李 四 栖 梧 作
梁 王 昔 爱 才
千 古 化 不 泯。
至 今 蓬 池 上
远 集 八 方 宾。
车 马 平 明 合
城 郭 满 埃 尘。
逢 君 一 相 许
岂 要 平 生 亲。
入 仕 三 十 载
如 何 独 未 申。
英 声 久 籍 籍
台 阁 多 故 人。
置 酒 发 清 弹
相 与 乐 佳 辰。
孤 亭 得 长 望
白 日 下 广 津。
富 贵 良 可 取
朅 来 西 入 秦。
秋 风 旦 夕 起
安 得 客 梁 陈。
Da Liang Ting Hui Li Si Qi Wu Zuo

Liang wang xi ai cai
Qian gu hua bu min.
Zhi jin peng chi shang
Yuan ji ba fang bin.

Che ma ping ming he
Cheng guo man ai chen.
Feng jun yi xiang xu
Qi yao ping sheng qin.

Ru shi san shi zai
Ru he du wei shen.
Ying sheng jiu ji ji
Tai ge duo gu ren.

Zhi jiu fa qing tan
Xiang yu le jia chen.
Gu ting dei chang wang
Bai ri xia guang jin.

Fu gui liang ke qu
Qie lai xi ru qin.
Qiu feng dan xi qi
An dei ke liang chen.


Daliang Pavilion, Met Li Qiwu the Fourth

In former days the Liang emperor valued ability
Throughout the ages his reforms have not vanished.
So far, upon the Peng Pond
From afar, and from all directions, guests gather here.

At dawn, horses and carriages come together
Outside the city wall full of dust and dirt.
Met you here, praised one another
All one’s life we have been close friends.

You entered government service thirty years ago
Can you explain why you have not advanced.
For a long time you are a hero in your hometown
These many towers and pavilions have a place for old friends.

Set up the wine, bring on the one-instrument concerts
Share with each other this happy and excellent occasion.
This pavilion remains, can always gaze into the distance
At daybreak go to the ferry landing at Guangjin.

Many good people like you can obtain riches and honor
Go out west to enter Qin.
Autumn winds arise from dawn to sunset
When can visitors meet again here in Liang Chen.



Daliang Pavilion: Perhaps located in the province of Guandong.

Peng Pond: Wetlands near the Daliang Pavilion.

Qin:  Nation state during the Zhou Dynasty, and east of the kingdom of Chu. (897-207 BC).

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