Wei Yingwu: Mr. Li In the Capital As a Low-Level Recorder

Mr. Li in the Capital As a Low-Level Recorder

燕 李 录 事
与 君 十 五 侍 皇 闱
晓 拂 炉 烟 上 赤 墀。
花 开 汉 苑 经 过 外
雪 下 骊 山 沐 浴 时。
近 臣 零 落 今 犹 在
仙 驾 飘 飘 不 可 期。
此 日 相 逢 思 旧 日
一 杯 成 喜 亦 成 悲
Yan Li Lu Shi

Yu jun shi wu shi huang wei
Xiao fu lu yan shang chi chi.
Hua kai han yuan jing guo wai
Xue xia li shan mu yu shi.

Jin chen ling luo jin you zai
Xian jia piao piao bu ke qi.
Ci ri xiang feng si jiu ri
Yi bei cheng xi yi cheng bei.


Mr. Li, In the Capital As a Low-Level Recorder

Age fifteen, gave you some poems while in the imperial compound
At dawn, tend to incense burners, smoke rises over the red steps.
Blossoms open in old Han gardens, as we go through this place
Snow falls, season to go to Mt. Li and the hot springs.

Near imperial officials, today only a few remain
Emperor now an immortal being, cannot wait on him any more.
Today we meet each other again, talk and long for the old days
One cup of wine makes us happy, with another we become melancholy.



Mt. Li:  Part of the Qinling mountain range northwest of the ancient capital city of Chang’an.

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