Wei Yingwu: In Henan, My Nephew Junior Army Officer Congzi

In Henan, My Nephew Junior Army Officer Congzi

示 从 子 河 南 尉 班
永 泰 中 余 任 洛 阳 丞
以 扑 扶 军 骑
时 从 子 河 南 尉 班
亦 以 刚 直 为 政
俱 见 讼 于 居 守。
因 诗 示 意 府 县 好 我 者
岂 旷 斯 文!
拙 直 余 恒 守
公 方 尔 所 存。
同 占 朱 鸟 克
俱 起 小 人 言。
立 政 思 悬 棒
谋 身 类 触 藩。
不 能 林 下 去
只 恋 府 廷 恩。
Shi Cong Zi He Nan Wei Ban

Yong tai zhong yu ren luo yang cheng
Yi pu fu jun qi
Shi cong zi he nan wei ban
Yi yi gang zhi wei zheng
Ju jian song yu ju shou.
Yin shi shi yi fu xian hao wo zhe
Qi kuang si wen !

Zhuo zhi yu heng shou
Gong fang er suo cun.
Tong zhan zhu niao ke
Ju qi xiao ren yan.

Li zheng si xuan bang
Mou shen lei chu fan.
Bu neng lin xia qu
Zhi lian fu ting en.


In Henan, My Nephew Junior Officer Congzi

Second year of Daizong’s reign
Serving a term of office as a Luoyang mid-level official.
You ride on an army mount
Congzi now a Henan junior officer.
He also tries to stay on the straight and narrow
The others see us as contentious, and appeal to the garrison authorities.

Because of poetic nuances, the county government office thinks well of me
Maybe this cultural refinement not enough!
Doing what is right is my unchangeable characteristic
They all know that this is true.

My nephew and I share opposition to the caged birds
All the low level people talk about us.
Politics of integrity requires the administration of justice
Friends protect yourself, our horns can easily get caught in the fences.
Not able to hide away in a forest
Still depend upon a government position and imperial kindnesses.



Daizong:  (727-779) Tang Dynasty emperor from 762-779.

Henan:  Province in the Yellow River Valley of central China.

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