Ouyang Xiu: Waves Dredging Sand: Poem No. 4

Waves Dredging Sand: Poem No. 4

浪 淘 沙
万 恨 苦 绵 绵。
旧 约 前 欢。
桃 花 溪 畔 柳 阴 间。
几 度 日 高 春 睡 重
绣 户 深 关。
楼 外 夕 阳 闲。
独 自 凭 栏。
一 重 水 隔 一 重 山。
水 阔 山 高 人 不 见
有 泪 无 言。
Lang Tao Sha


Wan hen ku mian mian.
Jiu yue qian huan.
Tao hua xi pan liu yue jian.
Ji du ri gao chun shui chong
Xiu hu shen guan.

Lou wai xi yang xian.
Du zi ping lan.
Yi chong shui ge yi chong shan.
Shui kuo shan gao ren bu jian
You lei wu yan.


Waves Dredging Sand: Poem No. 4

Suffer ten thousand continuous regrets.
Former days full of joy.
Peach blossoms and willow tree shadows in between stream banks.
Several days in a row, springtime sleep until the sun is high in the sky
She and her embroidery deep inside and behind closed doors.

Quiet sunset against the outside buildings.
Alone, naturally leans against a railing.
Once again the water in the distance, once again the mountains also.
Waters vast, mountains tall, do not see any people
Tears flow without words.

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