Wei Yingwu: Send Off an Imperial Editor

Send Off an Imperial Editor

送 王 校 书
同 宿 高 斋 换 时 节
共 看 移 石 复 栽 杉。
送 君 江 浦 已 惆 怅
更 上 西 楼 望 远 帆。
Song Wang Jiao Shu

Tong su gao zhai huan shi jie
Gong kan yi shi fu zai sha.                                                                                                        Song jun jiang pu yi chou chang
Geng shang xi lou wang yuan fan.


Send Off an Imperial Editor

Spent our nights together in a government building and shared seasonal festivals
Together we created a garden with stones and fir trees.

Send you off to the ferry river crossing with many regrets
Upon the western tower, gaze into the distance as your sail disappears in the distance.

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