Wei Yingwu: Types of Medicine

Types of Medicine

种 药
好 读 神 农 书
多 识 药 草 名。
持 缣 购 山 客
移 莳 罗 众 英。
不 改 幽 涧 色
宛 如 此 地 生。
级 井 既 蒙 泽
插 楥 亦 扶 倾。
阴 颖 夕 房 敛
阳 条 夏 花 明。
悦 玩 从 兹 始
日 夕 绕 庭 行。
州 民 自 寡 讼
养 闲 非 政 成。
Zhong Yao

Hao du shen nong shu
Duo shi yao cao ming.
Chi jian gou shan ke
Yi shi luo zhong ying.

Bu gai you jian se
Wan ru ci di sheng.
Ji jing ji meng ze
Cha xuan yi fu qing.

Yin ying xi fang lian
Yang tiao xia hua ming.
Yue wan cong zi shi
Ri xi rao ting xing.
Zhou min zi gua song
Yang xian fei zheng cheng.


Types of Medicine

Good to read the books of Shen Nong
He knew many of the famous herbal medicines.
Trade fine silk for medicine with the mountain people
Bring back these plants with many blossoms.

Placed them in their same shady and secluded environment
They feel just like being at home.
Only draw well water to water them
Also inserted stakes to help them grow upright.

At sunset some branches in the shade with growing buds
In sunny areas the flowers are bright.
Begin everyday happily tending to them
Every sunset move around my front courtyard.
These rural people very seldom fight among themselves
Growing leisure time and not working for the political establishment.



Shen Nong: Mythical sage ruler who lived around 2800 BC. Known also as the “Farmer God”. He reportedly taught the Chinese agriculture and herbal medicine, including use of the hoe, plow, irrigation, and seed storage.

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