Wei Yingwu: Travel in Longmen, Fragrant Mountains and Spring Waters

Travel in Longmen, Fragrant Mountains and Spring Waters

游 龙 门 香 山 泉
山 水 本 自 佳
游 人 已 忘 攄。
碧 泉 更 幽 绝
赏 爱 未 能 去。
潺 湲 写 幽 磴
缭 绕 带 嘉 树。
激 转 忽 殊 流
归 泓 又 同 注。
羽 觞 自 成 玩
永 日 亦 延 趣。
灵 草 有 时 香
仙 源 不 知 处。
还 当 候 圆 月
携 手 重 游 寓。
You Long Men Xiang Shan Quan

Shan shui ben zi jia
You ren yi wang lu.
Bi quan geng you jue
Shang ai wei neng qu.

Chan yuan xie you deng
Liao rao dai jia shu.
Ji zhuan hu shu liu
Gui hong you tong zhu.

Yu shang zi cheng wan
Yong ri yi yan qu.
Ling cao you shi xiang
Xian yuan bu zhi chu.
Huan dang hou yuan yue
Xie shou chong you yu.


Travel to Longmen, Fragrant Mountains and Spring Waters

Mountains and rivers by themselves are originally excellent
People traveling through forget their worries and cares.
Bluish-green spring waters very remote and isolated
Enjoy and love so much, unable to go back.

Flowing water from one secluded flat spot to another
Areas where magnificent trees move the water from place to place.
Suddenly the flows splash and change directions
Eventually water pours back together again.

Amused with the double-eared wine cups
All day long want to prolong the delights.
By magic, new grasses have a seasonal fragrance
Springheads of the immortals with unknown sources.
Should come back and wait for the next full moon
Taken by the hand, once again travel to this place.



Longmen:  The famous caves and grotto area of Buddhist statues and art south of Luoyang in Henan Province.

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