Meng Haoran: Looking For Mt. Tiantai

Looking For Mt. Tiantai

寻 天 台 山
吾 友 太 一 子
餐 霞 卧 赤 城。
欲 寻 华 顶 去
不 惮 恶 溪 名。
歇 马 凭 云 宿
扬 帆 截 海 行。
高 高 翠 微 里
遥 见 石 桥 横。
Xun Tian Tai Shan

Wu you tai yi zi
Can xia wo chi cheng.
Yu xun hua ding qu
Bu dan e xi ming.

Xie ma ping yun su
Yang fan jie hai xing.
Gao gao cui wei li
Yao jian shi qiao heng.


Looking For Tiantai Mountains

My friend Tai Yizi
At Chi Cheng you eat nothing but the rosy mists of dawn.
Desire to go and look for Huading
Do not fear the reputation of the E Mountain streams.

Rest the horse for the night in the mountain clouds
Travel here, did not pass it up by sailing on the ocean.
Feeling small, inside very tall green mountains
I finally see the remote stone bridge.



Mt. Tiantai:  Located in Zhejiang Province, the area has many famous Buddhist temples, including the Guoqing.

Chi Cheng: A region in the province of Hebei.

Huading: Highest peak of Mt. Tiantai.

Mt. E: Mt. Emei is located in Sichuan Province, and is noted as being one of the Four Sacred Buddhist Temples.

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